Youth Civil Participation Seminar (update)

New information about the Youth Civil participation seminar: New deadline: January 25th, 2006 Thanks to the increased contribution of the British Council the participant fee was canceled and we reimburse the full travel costs up to a certain amount.(more)
added Jan. 17th 2006


Students´ Forum 2000 is preparing the seventh annual NGO Market. The event will be held on April 25th 2006. The market is open to all NGOs regardless of their orientation. (more)
added Jan. 12th 2006

Youth Civil Participation Seminar

The Students' Forum 2000, the Association for International Affairs and the British Council are organizing a seminar about the problems and perspectives of Youth civil participation in Europe. (more)
added Dec. 15th 2005

Long Term Training Course

Long term course aimed at providing help for Easter European countries in development of a stable civic society environment. (more)
added Nov. 15th 2005

Why Should You Join The Prague Team

As a member of the Student Forum 2000 Prague Team you can gather unique experience for your future career. First of all, the SF 2000 offers you space and a complex background for the development and implementation of projects. We will welcome and support every kind of initiative in this direction and this is the most important aspect that we want to emphasize. Additionally, you can cooperate on a variety of renowned projects by helping to develop their program.

We will also provide you with an unique opportunity to grow personally, by providing extensive expertise in the field of your need, by various seminars and internal lectures on selected issues as well as hands-on learning experience.

We need people who are willing to learn new things. These will be given the opportunity to:

Don’t hesitate and join us!

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